Monday, April 21, 2014


You've made mistakes and yet you are able to recognize those mistakes for what they are, and to learn from them. There are times when you stumble, and wander away from the path, yet you’re always able to get up and find your way back. There is within you the longing for truth, for goodness, for excellence, substance, and integrity. Though your actions sometimes contradict and compromise that longing, it never goes away. The very best of who you are is always somewhere within you. Choose often to connect with it, and to let it resonate throughout the details of your life. As each moment unfolds, remember the good and valuable things of which you are capable. Pay attention to that longing for goodness, and follow where it leads. Hold in your heart those times when you’ve experienced how beautiful and blessed life can be. Treasure and strengthen the part of you that draws pure joy from those moments. You have known the goodness of life and you know that it is as close to you as you wish to make it. Choose to keep it ever close by.


If it were not for those who devote their lives, and who often give their lives, for a cause bigger than themselves, the world would be an entirely different place than it is today. We enjoy freedom because so many have served its cause and died for it. We benefit from knowledge, wisdom and faith because of all who have devoted their lives to advancing them. Each day you have an opportunity to continue that legacy and to expand upon its goodness. When you live your moments in the service of something bigger than yourself, you experience a fulfillment that goes beyond anything you could possibly find in self-centered pursuits. Take care of yourself, to be sure. That is your responsibility. Take care of your world as well, and make sure to leave each place you go, each person you meet, each moment you live, better off than you found them, better for your having been a part of them. That is the highest possible expression and expansion of yourself.


The world you see is a reflection of what you think of it. The values by which you live are continually coming back to you. Your life embodies those ideas to which you give your complete and persistent attention. A life sincerely focused upon peace and happiness is a life filled with peace and happiness. Whatever you support with your actions and thoughts, you experience in the moments and days of your life. Whether desire or fear, curiosity or obsession, your thoughts pull you steadfastly toward your reality. You are, right now, busy becoming the person you think you will become. Today, already and always, you are living the life you most authentically expect to live. The simple act of intentionally deciding upon a destination will point you solidly in that direction. A small adjustment in your attitude can make a major difference in your world. Anything is possible. What actually happens in your life is an accurate reflection of how you see yourself living it.


Every choice you make, makes a difference. Remember always to use that power wisely. Every moment you live provides you with opportunity. Transform that opportunity into meaningful value in your own unique way. You have immense power over the quality of your life and the shape of your world. That power is exercised in the choices you make. When you live with positive purpose, a positive attitude and positive expectations, you’ll make positive, life-enriching choices. Those choices will reliably create a life of great fulfillment. What you think, what you feel, what you say and what you do all matter very much. In every moment, with every choice, you move your life in a specific direction.  Make the commitment to always make that direction a good and meaningful one. Choose wisely, and live magnificently.