Tuesday, May 13, 2014


You cannot escape the necessity of balance in your life. Anything taken to an extreme will soon cease to have the desired positive effect.

If you relax all the time, relaxation will become nothing but a tedious burden. If you work all the time, with no break for fun and relaxation, your work loses much of its effectiveness.

Be ambitious, be diligent, and work with commitment, but don’t make that work the only thing you do. Have fun, enjoy life, and take it easy, but don’t make leisure your full-time pursuit.

Make it your goal to make sure there is balance in your life. If you don’t, eventually balance will be forced upon you in ways that won’t be to your liking.

It’s only natural to seek more and more of a good thing, yet that can be counterproductive, whatever the good thing may be. Instead, consider adding more good things, new and different good things, to balance your life.

Balance in your life can make every part of it richer and more satisfying. Keep things in balance, and make the very most of it all.


You don’t have to be experiencing an epic adventure to enjoy profound fulfillment. There is much joy to be found in even the most ordinary days.

You don’t have to own an impressive collection of possessions to be rich. Life’s true richness comes from the way you feel, and feeling great requires nothing other than your choice.

There is no need to place conditions on your joy. Simply, and wonderfully, live it, now.

Your life is unique and precious, so treat it as such. Delight in the deep, rich substance of being, not just in the meaningless tokens.

Right here, right now, is everything necessary for great fulfillment. Always within you is the power to experience life at its very best.

Choose to exercise that power now, and find new, original joy in this very moment. Feel the possibilities, and bring them to life with your presence.