Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Challenge is inconvenient and yet it is so absolutely necessary. Effort is not always fun and yet it gives you access to the good, fun and fulfilling parts of life.

Though in the moment it may seem unfair or tedious or boring or frustrating to make the effort, get past all that. Go ahead and do what must be done, especially including the hard stuff.

Looking back on the effort, it will not look so bad. In fact, looking back you’ll be quite thankful you did it.

So now, when the opportunity is here, do it. Now, when your destiny is begging you to respect it, to follow it and give value to it, get going.

Muscle your way through, or finesse your way through, or do what it takes to get it done. Though at the beginning you may not feel you’ll like it, you will come to like it in a deeply satisfying way.

It is amazing what you can do when you put mind, body and spirit into it. Go ahead, do the hard stuff, and delight yourself with amazement at how great it is.


What limits you is not the way things are. What limits you is the perspective from which you see the way things are.

Change your perspective, and you change your options. Change your perspective, and you can change the world.

If you think the world is filled with unfairness and injustice, and that everyone is out to take advantage of you, that perspective will seriously hinder you. If you truly see life as filled with opportunities and positive possibilities, that viewpoint can remarkably empower you.

The amazing and powerful thing is this. You can choose your perspective regardless of past or present events or circumstances.

Yes, the world is as it is, and objective reality is what it is, no matter what you think about it. However, what you make of that objective reality depends entirely on what you think about it.

Your perspective is yours to choose, whatever the situation. And your perspective will make all the difference going forward, so in each moment, choose the best, most positive, most empowering perspective you can imagine.