Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Disciplining yourself is difficult. Being truly committed is difficult. Making decisions is difficult. Following through on your promises is difficult. Staying focused is difficult. Doing work is difficult. Planning, organizing, leadership, persuasion, personal development, learning, teaching -- they’re all difficult.

The ingredients of success are difficult. They involve real effort and sacrifice. They’re often tedious and tiring. And yet, they lead to a very positive outcome -- the achievement of something worthwhile, the fulfillment of your possibilities, success and accomplishment.

While the requirements for success are indeed difficult, they do end in success. The alternative is regret, and regret never ends. So today you have a choice. You can do the difficult work, make the tough decisions, follow through on your commitments, and by so doing you bring yourself closer to success. Or, you can avoid all that and lead yourself down the path to never-ending regret.

When tomorrow comes, how will you look back on today -- with gratitude and satisfaction, or with regret. The choice is yours.