Friday, June 20, 2014


Just imagine how positive it would make your day if you offered a gift to everyone with whom you came in contact. It wouldn’t have to be a material gift, but it could be. It could be the gift of your undivided attention, or a kind word, a smile, or perhaps a helping hand. It would be given freely and willingly, with genuine love and consideration, and with the expectation of nothing in return.

The more you give of yourself, the more you’ll understand and appreciate how very much you have to give. Though most who receive your gifts will appreciate their sincerity, there will be those who won’t. But that doesn’t matter at all. What truly brings value to your life is the giving itself, undertaken with a sense of love and caring.

Give, and your world improves dramatically with each gift. Continue to give, and the positive energy builds upon itself. Think about it, and you’ll see that you have plenty to give. If life seems dreary and pointless, try giving of yourself, and you’ll quickly experience how truly beautiful and meaningful life can be.


The most effective form of leadership is born out of the sincere desire and proven ability to make a positive contribution. Those who lead best are those
for whom leadership itself is not the primary aim.

True leadership is not embodied in a position or title. True leadership arises from an exemplary life of making positive, valuable contributions that inspire others to do the same.

The most successful leaders have no interest in telling others what to do. Successful leaders are those who promote and support conditions in which each person can act with effectiveness and experience fulfillment in his or her own special way.

Great leaders are not those who claim to have all the answers or to solve every problem. Great leaders lead by example rather than by proclamation.

To be a leader, be a shining example. Do precisely that which you would lead others to do, and do it spectacularly.

Leadership at its best enlarges upon the sincere and productive efforts of the leader. Make those efforts the best they can be, and they’ll result in true, effective leadership.