Sunday, June 1, 2014


You are beauty itself. Spend your days revealing that beauty more fully in an infinitely expanding number of ways.

There is nothing to fear. For nothing can diminish the true beauty at the heart of you.

How is it that you’re able to recognize beauty when you see it? Because that beauty resonates with the beauty that is you, and you know it, and you feel it.

Live from a perspective of beauty, for it is your most authentic nature. See each circumstance as an opportunity to express the unique beauty that is your life.

What could possibly be more beautiful than the ability to experience and comprehend beauty? That is who you are, and that is what you do.

Live the miracle that is the beauty that is you. Give your beauty to life, and it all grows more beautiful.


One big thing that gets in the way of creativity is fear. When you can let go of your fear, you allow your creativity to naturally blossom.

If you’re fearful about what other people will think, you won’t be able to express yourself with authenticity and effectiveness. If you fear that you’re wasting your time, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

Go ahead, have faith in yourself and your ability to create value, and take action. If you have chosen to feel fear and doubt, you can just as easily choose to let them go.

Let go of the fear and let the true beauty of your creative spirit flow. Focus on what you love, and let it inspire you to create in great, valuable and meaningful ways.

Live creatively, allowing your actions and expressions to come naturally and easily from your highest values. Step forward with confidence and joy, eager to creatively make a positive difference in the world.

You have so very much to give. Have the courage to give it freely, creatively and without inhibition.


This is a new, unique day. So don’t live it like an old one.

You have the opportunity today to learn, to grow, to achieve and to experience new things. To do so, you must exercise the courage to let go of some old, comfortable, predictable things.

Give your life some fresh, new energy today. Choose to step beyond what’s familiar and open yourself to new possibilities. It’s easy to stay firmly and comfortably situated in your same old, habitual rut. However, it’s much more energizing and fulfilling to shake things up a bit.

Instead of listening only to those people you know you’ll agree with, consider the opinions and perspectives of those with whom you disagree. Rather than going only where you’ve already been and doing only what you’ve already done, put yourself where you can see life from a fresh perspective.