Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Just because you don’t know how, doesn’t mean you can’t. There is much you can learn by simply getting started, and you have plenty of ways to learn even more.

Just because it’s difficult and complicated, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For you are able to make a little progress, one step at a time, then make a little more and a little more, until the goal is reached.

Just because something is standing in your way, doesn’t mean it has to stop you. The fact is, you can take the necessary actions to get beyond whatever obstacles may confront you.

Just because people tell you that it can’t be done, or that you can’t do it, doesn’t mean they are correct. Remind yourself, again and again, that you can do what you choose to do, making use of your commitment, thoughts, and actions.

Just because there is strife and pain and negativity in the world, doesn’t mean you have to give up on life. You can change your own life, and many, many other lives for the better, when you decide to do so.

Just because you’ve been reckless or frustrated or disappointed in the past, doesn’t mean the future has to be that way. Today is a new day, your life is yours to live, and there’s no limit to the goodness and joy you can now create.


What are you waiting for? Whatever it is, stop waiting and start living.

The purpose of your life is already here, so live it. The meaning, the beauty, the opportunities, the resources, the time and the inspiration are already here, so go ahead and make full use of them.

Just dive right in to the substance of life. Start where you are, for the sooner your efforts begin, the more you’ll achieve.

Indulge that persistent longing to be creative, to say what you really mean and to live the reality of what you truly love. Everything necessary is already here, and so are you.

Let go of the excuses and silly rationalizations and let yourself live this day in all its beauty and glory. Stop searching and wondering and start letting your heart lead the way.

Your most promising moment is already here. Grab it and joyfully go with it