Saturday, May 24, 2014


Students around the world joined the Global School Girl March to raise awareness about the 273 school girls that were kidnapped in Nigeria. Whether it was one student or hundreds, we were reminded that every voice has the power to make a difference. And we must continue to march until all the girls are home safely. ‪#‎bringbackourgirls‬ ‪#‎schoolgirlmarch‬


Where does courage come from? What brings courage to life?

Courage is the commitment to do what you know is right. Courage arises when your integrity will not allow any other choice.

Courage comes from following a purpose that goes beyond your own petty concerns. Because of that, courage gives far-reaching power and consequence to your actions.

In the short term, courage can often appear foolish. In the long run, courage has the power to move the whole world in a positive direction.

Courage asks much of you, yet it is not complicated and is always within your reach. Courage is truth put into action.

In every moment, courage is there for you to choose. In every moment, courage is the choice that will fulfill the best of who you are.


Just imagine how much more you could see if the view was not blocked by your own limited ego. Think of the depth of experience you could know if you could set your own concerns completely aside. There have been moments when you’ve forgotten yourself. And in those moments you’ve caught glimpses of how powerful it can be to set your ego aside. Gently relax your obsession with being you, and more fully experience what truly is. Open your eyes all the way and see the immense abundance that is all around. Concern yourself not with getting it or even with relating to it. Realize that you are already and always a part of it. Let yourself forget yourself for a while. See your ego as it melts away to reveal the stunning magnificence that lies beyond. Lose yourself as completely as possible. And be amazed at the depth and richness of experience that there is to gain.


What would you do today if you knew for certain that every single thing you did would come back to you? How would you treat others if you knew that it would determine how they treated you? What value would you create in the world if you knew that it would also add value to your own life. The fact is that what you do does indeed come back to you. How could it not? When you genuinely love, you are loved. When you praise others, you are admired. When you teach, you learn. The comfort you give serves to ease your own pain. When you put value into life it becomes the value you experience in your life. And every moment is your opportunity to do so. You are what you live. There’s no way to cheat the process. It all comes back to you. So use each moment, each golden opportunity to make it great.