Saturday, September 6, 2014


What if you woke up each day clearly remembering everything in your past without being emotionally hindered by any of it? What if you could treat each new moment as a fresh opportunity, free of outdated assumptions, resentment, anger, regret or doubt?

In fact, you can. You can choose what to think, and even how to feel.

In this moment, and every moment, you can think of your highest goals as achievable. You can feel passionate about living with positive purpose, and feel fully empowered to do so.

You can view the problems not as permanent barriers but rather as pathways for meaningful achievement. You can see the disappointments not as excuses to give up, but as reasons to push forward.

Your past can inform you, inspire you, and help you to understand who you are. Yet it never has to hold you back.

Right now is your opportunity to move decisively toward what you know is right. Now is when you create the future, unhindered by the past.