Saturday, July 19, 2014


There is something you can do today that will move your life in a positive direction. Though you may not fully reach your goal today, you absolutely can reach toward it.

Achievement requires time, and with each dawning day you have a new supply of time. Put that time to good, meaningful effective use, and the achievements will come.

Today can be a waste of time or it can be a valuable use of your time. The choice is up to you in every moment.

Imagine how it will feel at the end of this day when you know you’ve made some good, solid progress. Imagine it, and then don’t hesitate to get going and to make it real.

This day has great possibilities and massive potential value. Claim that value by diligently working to bring those possibilities to life.

Today has arrived, and there are a whole lot of useful things you can do with it. Go ahead, right now, and enjoy making the satisfying progress you know you can make on this day.


The answer to conflict is not more conf
lict. The answer to indifference is not more indifference.

The best answers are made up of effort, genuine caring, commitment, integrity, and an unassailable respect for what is good and true. You are fully capable of all that and more.

Winning an argument doesn’t necessarily produce any real value. What creates value is going beyond the argument, beyond the superficial need to prove you’re right.

Even though you may not fully agree with someone, you can both still cooperate to great mutual and universal benefit. It is always very much in your interest, and in the interest of the whole world, for you to do so.

Ultimately, it’s not the posturing that matters. The actual results are what truly matter, and continue long after the arguing and posturing have ceased.

You, and everyone else, can create magnificent, meaningful results. Right now is an excellent time to do so.