Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Put no demands on love, and love will bring you much. Give love away, and it will be yours in greater and greater abundance. With love, what was weak will grow strong. With love, what was impossible becomes real. Love can find the beauty and value in even the most desperate situation. Love will bring hope where nothing else can. Though love cannot be explained, it can never be denied. Love has its own reality that transcends the most oppressive limitations. Love elevates what it touches to a higher dimension. When love is present, fears are calmed, wounds begin to heal, and joy is gloriously within reach. Love, not because there is a reason, but because there is the possibility. Love, and you will know what you cannot understand.


Peace is not arrived at by merely doing nothing. On the contrary, peace is attained by doing substantive and significant things, and doing them without conflict. That means living with purpose, with love, compassion, forgiveness and genuine tolerance. It means putting your very best into the effort while at the same time detaching your sense of self worth from the result. Your life, your work and your whole world are all filled with conflicting interests. Yet that doesn’t mean you must handle them by fighting. In fact, diverse and conflicting interests can absolutely be resolved in much more positive ways, and it happens every day. That is one of life’s great challenges, and working through the challenge produces great value. Seek not merely to do significant things. Seek to achieve what you achieve with a peaceful heart, for that is true and sustainable achievement. Be fully engaged in life while also being completely at peace with who you are. It is indeed a powerful and fulfilling combination.