Monday, February 23, 2015

Desire to give

        The need to get something makes you  

desperate, fearful, phony and inept. The desire to give makes you creative, genuine, attractive and highly effective.

If you worry and fret about making a good impression, or being popular, or making the sale, you won’t. Instead of obsessing over what’s in it for you, focus on allowing the highest value to pour out from you.

Choose not to see yourself as needing. Choose to allow life’s limitless abundance to flow through you in valuable, unique and creative ways.

All that you could ever think to desire or make use of is already connected to you in some way. By giving your best you make more space for goodness and richness to fill your world.

Success in living is not found in some obscure, complex technique. Success in living is a function of your desire for giving.

You are immensely valuable. The way to fully experience that value is to find new ways to give it to life each day.

Monday, January 5, 2015


 Think of your life as it was ten or twenty years ago. The details in your memory have likely faded, yet the love you experienced is stronger than ever. Is there any truth that is greater than this? Could anything be more miraculous or powerful or enduring? Love is, and will always be.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Special: RIP Myles Munroe

Myles and two his children
      Dr. Munroe was a pastor, teacher, administrator, author, a father, a husband and motivational speaker. The late Myles Munroe had a son Chairo (Myles Jr.) and daughter Charisa and said that his family is his greatest responsibility and his marriage his most sacred trust. He travelled throughout the world as a speaker addressing governments leaders, businesses, schools/universities and church congregations. He personally addressed over 500,000 people each year on personal and professional development, and he received hundreds of invitations every year to speak worldwide.  Dr. Munroe placed an emphasis on the Kingdom of God and believed that the whole Bible, along with the message of Jesus, revolves around the kingdom and not a religion. He said, "My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follower is a leader. My belief is, if that person is placed in the right environment, the leader will manifest himself or herself."

His famous quotes:
“Purpose is when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish. Vision is when you see it in your mind and begin to imagine it” “The bible does not say that a man’s education makes room for him, but that his gifts does. Education is not the key to success, it doesn,t guarantee anything; it is your gift that is the key to success”
“Anyone who develops his gifts and talents will become a commodity”
“You are meant to be going somewhere, to be headed to a destination. The poorest person in the world is a person without a dream”
You are designed by God not to blend in, but to stand out”
“If you have hope for the future you have true riches; no matter how much you have in your account”
“Hard work and diligence are essential to success, but they require an internal motivation. That internal motivation is Vision”
“Vision is a conception that is inspired by God in the hearts of Human”
“God loves dreamers”
You need to treat your finances as a resource God has provided to fulfil your vision, not a tool to fill your life with luxuries”
You are not saved for the sole purpose of going to heaven; you are saved to finish your assignment on earth”

Monday, November 3, 2014


Step right up to life today and throw yourself into it. Open your eyes, open your heart, open your mind, open your arms and open your life to all that’s possible.

You have a deep-seated desire to be passionate, so light up that passion right now. Let it energize every part of you.

There is much to explore, much to create, and much to experience. There are things to be learned, challenges to be transformed into value, and connections to be made with others who share your passion for living.

Take stock of all the goodness, all the opportunities, all the powerful tools and resources available to you. Then take action, and make good and meaningful use of it all.

This is a day to live at your highest level. This is your chance to live in such a positive, purposeful way that you can look back on it with satisfaction and gratitude.

Go ahead, and fully engage the living passion that is unique to you. Step right up, confidently, enthusiastically, and experience how great it feels to give your best to life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


To get more done, quit trying so hard. Be at peace with the moment, and you’ll be able to make highly effective use of it.

Achievement is your natural state. Stop second guessing your intentions, and start acting on them.

Let go of the obsession that you must grab on to every little distraction that comes along. Great and meaningful value comes from lovingly and intently focusing on the task at hand.

Selfishly hiding away from life won’t do anyone any good. The more you give, the more you accomplish.

Have faith in what feels right, and in the actions you take to follow those feelings. Let yourself be the creative and fulfilled person you know you are.

Quit merely trying and start living. Choose now to be peaceful and confident, and to get your good and useful work done.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Unconditional Love

Nothing feels better than when you love someone with your whole heart and soul and they love you back even more.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


What if you woke up each day clearly remembering everything in your past without being emotionally hindered by any of it? What if you could treat each new moment as a fresh opportunity, free of outdated assumptions, resentment, anger, regret or doubt?

In fact, you can. You can choose what to think, and even how to feel.

In this moment, and every moment, you can think of your highest goals as achievable. You can feel passionate about living with positive purpose, and feel fully empowered to do so.

You can view the problems not as permanent barriers but rather as pathways for meaningful achievement. You can see the disappointments not as excuses to give up, but as reasons to push forward.

Your past can inform you, inspire you, and help you to understand who you are. Yet it never has to hold you back.

Right now is your opportunity to move decisively toward what you know is right. Now is when you create the future, unhindered by the past.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Do you spend your time and effort in a futile attempt to live up to someone else’s standards? What are you trying to prove? And why? Fulfillment comes not from impressing others, but from being, as completely and magnificently as you can, the person you are.

Consider how much of your anxiety, worry and frustration come from your striving to live up to the
expectations of others -- to say the “right” things, drive the “right” kind of car, wear the “right” clothes. Of course we must be respectful and accepting of the people around us. We must also be careful not to become enslaved by their arbitrary definition of what has value and what doesn’t.

Break free from the need to be accepted. The value of your life comes not from what others think of you. It comes from the degree to which you become the person you’ve always known you were meant to be. The admiration of others cannot be truly gained by chasing it. Paradoxically, the more you become your own person, the more you’ll be admired by others.

Set your own standards, and set them high. Pursue excellence with sincerity. Forget about trying to prove anything. Just go ahead and be the best you can be.


When you suffer a setback, find a way to be joyful, not because of what has happened, but because it’s your most powerful response. Seek to laugh at your troubles, not because they are funny or trivial, but as an effective way of taking positive control.

It’s easy to be happy when things are going great. The real power of happiness, however, comes in times of difficulty. A dismal, dejected attitude will only hold you back. A positive, joyful approach can move you quickly ahead.

Sure it’s tough to be positive when there’s no reason to be. It’s difficult, and yet it is possible. Accept for a moment that it is possible, and that it is beneficial. Then ask yourself if you would like to reap that benefit.

Find your joy not in mere circumstances, but rather with that part of you which transcends the circumstances. Live that joy with vigor and sincerity, and you’ll begin to see how even the most difficult of situations can be turned in your favor.

Seek to truly lift up life and make it impossible for life to get you down.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


You can be more than you’ve been. You can be more than you’ve even hoped or dreamed or imagined.

You can learn more, do more, achieve more, give more, experience more, laugh more, love more and live more. You’re fully capable of all that, and more.

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve already done, you can ask more of yourself. Then, you can truly enjoy the experience of making it happen.

By raising your own expectations, you put yourself on track to lift up the whole world. And the world will always welcome some more positive goodness and substance.

Ask more of yourself, of your life, of your skills, resources and time, and then deliver it. Seek to live in a permanent state of growth and improvement, and you will live well indeed.

You can always be more, and do more, and add more to the miracle that is life. Be more, and feel your growing positive energy as it fills your world.