Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Do you wish to be happy? Then be happy. Yes, it truly is as simple as that. Happiness is a state that you can enter whenever and wherever you choose. You don’t necessarily have to be happy about anything in particular. You don’t necessarily need any person, thing or situation to make you happy. Be happy just because you can. Be happy just because it feels so good. Happiness empowers you and improves your outlook. Happiness attracts positive, supportive people into your life, and guides you toward positive situations. Let go of your resistance, and let happiness flow from your heart. Fill this very moment with the happiness you create.


You don’t need ideal conditions in order to enjoy an ideal life. You can simply make the choice to do so. You don’t have to wait until the perfect moment to be happy. Any moment and every  moment will do, including this one. Whatever you’re doing, add a smile and a positive attitude  to it. Life’s beauty is everywhere, so make the empowering choice to see it everywhere. You can choose to complain about your lot in life and to feel sorry for yourself, or you can choose to enjoy the wonder that’s all around you. Keep in mind that there’s valuable opportunity in everything, and a positive perspective enables you to tap into that opportunity. There are plenty of problems to be fixed, wrongs to be made right, and obstacles to overcome. And the most effective way to move forward is with joy, not with bitterness. Challenge yourself to enjoy this very moment, fully, completely, sincerely, authentically. And learn to put the power of joy in everything you do.


A message was received from a young school girl named Teresa who lives in Peru. She wanted to tell us that she has organized a school girl march in her town to show "support to the school girls in Nigeria and their families." She and her friends will march on May 22nd high in the Andes Mountains in their remote village... Will you?