Saturday, June 14, 2014


It takes no more effort to be courteous than it does to be rude. And yet courtesy can bring so very much more value into your life, and into the world around you, than rudeness ever will.

Every time you interact with another person you have a valuable opportunity. You have the opportunity to treat that person with courtesy and respect. Even when you disagree, you can still be courteous and respectful about it.

Does everyone deserve to be treated with courtesy? Probably not. But that doesn’t really matter. Because the courtesy and respect that you exhibit toward others says more about you than it does about them.

Be genuinely respectful and you’ll be respected. Be truly courteous and you’ll win the admiration of others. Every interaction is your opportunity to earn the respect of others. Think of all the people with whom you come in contact on a daily basis, and just imagine what an impact your commitment to courtesy and respect could have.

Courtesy and respect toward others will cost you nothing and yet they can powerfully improve every relationship. Use them liberally. With them you’ll uncover some of life’s greatest treasures.


Open your eyes, open your heart, and see the miracle that is today. Feel how good and powerful it feels to be alive.

You don’t have to wait for some distant, imagined time before you can relish the sweet, profound experience of being fully alive. Because right now, today, in this place, in this situation, the miracle of your life is here for you to live.

No day is really ordinary, because each day comes with its own bundle of unique treasures. No moment is useless or pointless, because every moment is filled with priceless possibilities.

Remind yourself how truly fortunate you are to be you. Look beyond all the distractions of superficial things that come and go, and feel the awesome power of life that exists within you.

Imagine the most amazing, fulfilling thing you can imagine. And realize that you have the ability to make it real, through the power of your life.

Today there is more hope, and there are more possibilities for fulfillment, than ever before. Because today you are here to bring the best of life to life.