Monday, April 21, 2014


You've made mistakes and yet you are able to recognize those mistakes for what they are, and to learn from them. There are times when you stumble, and wander away from the path, yet you’re always able to get up and find your way back. There is within you the longing for truth, for goodness, for excellence, substance, and integrity. Though your actions sometimes contradict and compromise that longing, it never goes away. The very best of who you are is always somewhere within you. Choose often to connect with it, and to let it resonate throughout the details of your life. As each moment unfolds, remember the good and valuable things of which you are capable. Pay attention to that longing for goodness, and follow where it leads. Hold in your heart those times when you’ve experienced how beautiful and blessed life can be. Treasure and strengthen the part of you that draws pure joy from those moments. You have known the goodness of life and you know that it is as close to you as you wish to make it. Choose to keep it ever close by.