Thursday, June 12, 2014


You cannot avoid effort, for avoiding effort is itself an effort. What you can do is to make your efforts count for something, something as grand and magnificent as you can imagine.

Life will ask something of you each and every moment. The more willingly and graciously you give what life asks of you, the more positive value you’ll receive as a result. That which life asks of you is also life’s gift to you. Those places where you spend the most effort, where you give the most of yourself, are the places where you’ll realize the most value.

Sadly, too many people miss out on the best that life has to offer when they attempt to avoid challenge and discomfort. By so doing they end up making their lives even more challenging and even more uncomfortable.

Life is persistent and generous in providing you with plenty of nourishment and opportunity. So the challenges will continue to come your way until you’re ready to make something truly grand and meaningful out of them. Give what life asks, promptly and enthusiastically. And you’ll experience the very best that life has to give.