Monday, June 16, 2014


Just because you appear foolish, doesn’t mean you are. In fact, some of the most brilliant, creative people can often appear to be quite foolish at first.

Anything that’s out of the ordinary can seem foolish. Yet the way to make real progress is to go beyond what’s ordinary and expected.

Don’t live in fear of looking foolish. Because you’ll discount your best ideas before you even have the chance to explore them.

There’s nothing to be gained by proving how ordinary you are. Instead, find the great value in your own uniqueness and let that value freely flow from you.

There is so much of your own special creativity and innovation within you. Don’t hold it back out of worries about what other people might think.

Let your words and actions be true to the unique, authentic person you are. And if others see you as foolish, that’s just their own foolishness.