Monday, June 16, 2014


It has created untold strife for centuries. It has been the cause of hatred, anger, violence and countless wasted lives. It is the illusion that one person can profit from another’s misfortune.

How can you possibly gain from hurting another? That other person is just as much a part of your world as you are. When you seek to hurt another, any appearance of a gain is far outweighed by the reality of the loss. If you seek to profit from the loss of another, it focuses you on the negative. That negativity, no matter where it is directed, becomes your own heavy burden. You cannot hurt another and avoid hurting yourself in the process.

Lasting fulfillment comes from being creative, not from being destructive. The creativity and positive energy you put forth come back to you many times over. So do the hurt and destruction. Which would you rather get back?