Saturday, July 10, 2010


What does Success really mean? How do you know when you are Successful.
When you think about success, first think back to your childhood. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
Do you remember that mantra chanted from the back seat of the car during long drives? You could have been passing amazing scenery, unusual people and having a great conversation with your family … but all you wanted to do was get to the destination so you could get out of the car and play.
Most adults live their lives as if they are still in the back seat of the car. They ask themselves over and over again “am I a success yet?” and end up ignoring what is passing them by.
It seems that we are so focused on the end goal we forget there is a whole lot of stuff that happens in the middle. And if we reach one goal we instantly set an even bigger goal and start aiming for that one (and beat ourselves up for not hitting our goal earlier, faster, better).
We don’t allow ourselves to see that our success journey is really a series of smaller journeys with infinite possibilities for enjoyment along the way.
We don’t allow ourselves to feel relief, gratitude and to bask in the glow of achievement when we reach a minor milestone. We just race off to the next one without drawing breath.
The bottom line is there is no one single “there” from your “are we there yet” mantra. There are a series of “there's”. Stop – celebrate and enjoy each one. You are a success.