Thursday, May 20, 2010


Life has it's hills and it's valleys, It's a long and twisting road, There are battles to be conquered.Where seeds of doubt have been sowed. When we see a high hill before us, We may think it's way too high, And we wonder if we can make it, And should we even try,And then I hear God's still, small voice, It comes from deep within, "You can do this, my child, And this time you will win!" My heart leaped with assurance, I CAN and I WILL!
NOTHING CAN STOP ME, FROM CLIMBING THIS HILL! It may be the highest hill, That I will ever climb, But by God's sweet grace. I will do it this time! And with His love and mercy,
Which covers us all, I will have the strength and courage, That keeps us from a nasty fall. His wisdom and His consuming love, Leads to sweet victory at last, And we will worship at His feet, As our faith becomes steadfast. So let your faith carry you along with God. My the lord be with you.